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Thinking about a practical way to organize your unkempt workspace? Need a practical solution to name your priceless record files? Archive Boxes are a straightforward solution if you’re trying to organize your office. These boxes are ideal for many other items and are also practical and simple. This box serves as a useful storage solution for the home or office. With a variety of printing and plain options.

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Cardboard Archive Boxes for Long-Term Storage

Our range of Cardboard Archive Boxes is designed for the secure and long-term storage of important documents and files. Made from high-strength cardboard, these boxes ensure that your valuable records are well-protected against wear, tear, and environmental factors. Ideal for businesses, libraries, and personal use, these archive boxes provide a reliable solution for organizing and preserving documents over extended periods.

Customizable Document Archive Boxes for Organized Storage

Organize your important paperwork with our customizable Document Archive Boxes. These boxes can be tailored to your specific needs, offering various sizes and labeling options to streamline your document storage system. Whether for legal documents, medical records, or academic research, our custom archive boxes help in maintaining an efficient and orderly filing system, making document retrieval simple and fast.

File Archive Boxes for Office and Personal Use

Our File Archive Boxes are perfect for both office and personal use, providing a practical solution for decluttering and organizing. These boxes are specially designed to accommodate standard file sizes, making them ideal for storing contracts, financial records, and other critical paperwork. With their sturdy construction and user-friendly design, our file archive boxes keep your files neat, accessible, and protected.

Innovative Custom Archive Boxes for Special Requirements

For those with specific archival needs, our Custom Archive Boxes offer the flexibility to meet diverse requirements. These boxes can be crafted to suit unique dimensions, with added features such as dividers, reinforced corners, and special locking mechanisms. Whether you're archiving photographs, art collections, or rare manuscripts, our custom solutions ensure that your items are stored in a manner that preserves their condition and integrity.

Save Your File With Custom Archive Boxes

In offices and homes, archive boxes are designed specifically for storing files, photos, folders, books, bills, and other important documents. These boxes come in very handy for a variety of industries because they keep you from becoming overwhelmed by paperwork in an office. Simply keep your important papers in these boxes, which you can move around with ease if necessary. Some of these boxes may have appeared in any episode or movie that depicts the evidence room of a police station. Typically, the evidence in a given case is kept in an archive box. Because we want to give you the freedom to select any size and shape of the box in accordance with your needs, we provide customization for our customers. The customized archive boxes can be optimized based on your changing needs.

Numerous Designs Of printed archive boxes 

There are countless design possibilities, so you can include your logo, tagline, and market-related information on the printed archive box.  To aid in your branding efforts, the color scheme can also be chosen to match your brand’s colors. Because you will be selling fashionable and attractive archive boxes going forward, your customers will no longer be able to purchase the old, brown ones.

Give Premium Quality Cardboard Archive Boxes a Chance

Although you can store sensitive papers in them, archive boxes are very valuable. If you utilize these cardboard boxes to store old items in your home, their symbolic value is crucial as well. The durability of the product is directly correlated with the materials that were used in its manufacturing.

Eco Archive Boxes 

We have a duty to keep the environment safe as citizens of the world. Waste from industry and households contributes significantly to global warming and is growing at an exponential rate. We are committed to contributing positively as manufacturers of archive boxes by creating environmentally friendly goods. When it regards environmental amiability, our merchandise is far superior to inexpensive archive boxes because the material is 100% compostable.

Use Archive Boxes Wholesale To Your Advantage.

Every client is important to us, so our group follows up with you and provides updates until your order arrives at your door. Since we started doing business, we have maintained an impeccable reputation thanks to our 100% client satisfaction rate. Your order will be delivered in 8 to 10 business days thanks to our quick turnaround. Because we offer high-quality services at incredibly low prices, we are well-known throughout the world for our wholesale packages of high-quality archive boxes. Every time, we strive to give our very best.

Branded Archive Boxes Can Be Used to Serve Your Clients

Consider owning your own product line and offering branded packaging for it. As customers would quickly recognise your brand, there would be no need for random boxes to show up at their doors or for them to struggle to find your storage & archive boxes in the marketplace. Let us assist you as you embark on a new path to success. We would’ve been delighted to accommodate you with archive boxes with lids and even if you wanted different boxes for your workplace. If you need any kind of details, just leave a message on our website.   


Archive boxes: what are they? Archive boxes are cardboard containers that are made with the intention of protecting and preserving priceless items such as important documents over an extended period of time. What’s the composition of archive boxes? Corrugated cardboard, a strong and long-lasting material that helps protect the contents from damage, is typically used to make archive boxes. What sizes are available for archive boxes? Various sizes of archive boxes are available, from small boxes for storing documents to larger boxes for storing bulkier items like books, binders, or machinery. What benefits can using archive boxes offer? The benefits of using archive boxes include organization, simple storage, protection of important documents and items, and long-term item preservation. Recyclable boxes for records exist? Yes, archive boxes are typically recyclable because they are made of recyclable cardboard. It is crucial to confirm the specific rules with your community’s recycling programme. What is the lifespan of archive boxes? The quality of the box and the storage environment have an impact on the lifespan of archive boxes, among other things. Archive boxes typically have a long lifespan if they are kept in a dry, cool, and dark environment.
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Alex was so helpful and answered all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. He made the experience a reassuring one for someone who was quite fearful of the unknown as a first time customer. Will definitely recommend.
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The order was done on time and turned out perfect. I will be using them again


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