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Frequently Asked Questions

Rigid boxes, often used for luxury packaging, are made from highly condensed paperboard that is four times thicker than standard paperboard, offering superior durability and a premium feel.

Magnetic rigid boxes are designed with a magnetic closure, providing a secure seal and an elegant opening experience, ideal for high-end products and gifts.

Custom rigid boxes can be tailored to your brand’s specific dimensions, colors, and designs, enhancing brand recognition and providing a unique unboxing experience for your customers.

Large rigid boxes are perfect for shipping larger items due to their sturdy construction. They offer superior protection and can be customized for specific product dimensions.

Collapsible rigid boxes provide the same luxury and protection as standard rigid boxes but can be flattened for more efficient storage and transportation, making them cost-effective.

Rigid boxes with lids offer a classic and elegant packaging solution, with the added convenience of a detachable lid for easy access, ideal for a variety of products.

Luxury rigid boxes are crafted with high-quality materials and finishes, offering a premium look and feel, often used for high-end products like jewelry, fragrances, and electronics.

Rigid drawer boxes consist of a sliding drawer and an outer shell, providing a unique and interactive unboxing experience, often used for special edition products and gifts.

Rigid window boxes feature a transparent window, allowing customers to view the product inside without opening the box, perfect for display and retail purposes.

Rigid loyalty boxes, often used for subscription services or loyalty programs, are a fantastic way to reward regular customers and encourage ongoing engagement with your brand.

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